Preventative Maintenance Programs

    We at Indoor Atmosphere offer three different preventative maintenance programs.  Each of these can be specifically tailored to meet your needs.  The three programs include the Filter / Lube PM's,  the Contractor's PM's & our exclusive Seasonal PM's.

    We offer our Filter/Lube PM's for:  Owners and Property Management Companies who want to take care of the regular filter change, lubrication & quick inspection for quarterly or half year visits;  Tenants who are responsible for the regular quarterly maintenance of their zone HVAC units;  or any Building Lessee in need of a quick, basic preventive maintenance program.

    We offer our Contractors PM's for:  Owners, Property Management Companies, Lessees &/or Tenants who want to up grade their preventative maintenance to cover the Filter/Lube PM + have some basic or special unit inspection items performed as well.

    We offer our Seasonal PM's for:   Owners, Property Management Companies, Lessees &/or Tenants who want to cover the above mentioned items + have each unit started and put through a complete seasonal cycle pertaining to that time of the year. 

    Again, each of these programs can be tailored to your needs.   Our goal at Indoor Atmosphere is to meet your needs with the program you choose.

    A good maintenance program pays you back by:
keeping your unit running at its optimum performance, minimizing mechanical interruptions, lowering your PG&E bill, keeping your air quality at its best, & giving you assurance that your unit will continue to provide the comfort you expect.  Every Indoor Atmosphere account is assigned a particular technician to provide consistent maintenance, service, and repairs.