Unit Replacements

        Indoor Atmosphere, along with our quality installation team, can replace your existing HVAC units with new, more energy efficient models.

        We at Indoor Atmosphere strive ourselves in maintaining HVAC units for an extra five or ten years through proper maintenance, service and repairs. We have existing 25 & 30 year old units in operation right now.  We will offer new unit change out prices when we feel the existing units are no longer viable to repair - parts not available, major labor repairs, or overall poor condition of the existing units. With the existing recession affecting small businesses and home owners, we want to offer the least expensive alternative for as long as possible.  Any contractor can sell you a new unit,  few can keep the old ones running in good condition for as long as we can. Indoor's service department specializes in keeping older units running longer for years.  And when the time comes, We can change out your existing R-22 condensing unit with a new, energy efficient dry-charge system without an expensive full system change-out to R-410a.

        Indoor Atmosphere works with two local sheet metal shops on change-outs that require special duct modifications.

        Again,  the main services offered by Indoor Atmosphere have to do with our Unit Inspections, Preventative Maintenance, Service & Repairs.  As stated above, we can and do change out non-working units once the need is presented.