HVAC Service & Repair Work

    Our highly trained, uniformed, service technicians: know how to communicate with building tenants; will contact site personnel as you request; will contact your facilities department with any unit problems being created in house; will document any roof top or additional equipment problems found while on our site visits; will keep in touch with your representative about repair dates, new problems uncovered & job completions; will keep facilities notified as to current running conditions of your equipment and will always clean up after their work.
The on-site service technician can generally give repair quotes on the spot after determining the problem and parts needed.  Our aim at Indoor Atmosphere is to get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible.  Depending upon the availability of parts, unit repairs can be made within 24 hours.


        When you place a call to Indoor Atmosphere for diagnostic service, you will be sent a qualified technician to inspect your unit.  We don't send salesmen, installation technicians or a service trainee to your door.  Indoor Service Department will send only a highly qualified, factory trained, service technician to your location to:  (1) identify the nature of the situation, (2) locate the problem unit, (3) determine its existing operational condition, (4) properly diagnose the unit, (5) evaluate the problems uncovered, (6) determine repair options, (7) list any parts needed, (8) make up an on-site estimate, & (9) call and/or speak to the person responsible for repair authorization.  Once we have the authorization, we will begin the repair process.

        Quality, fast, reliable, service and repairs is what we offer and what you will receive over & over again.

Service & Repair Work

  •     We service & repair most makes and models of HVAC equipment used in commercial buildings, hotels, banks, churches, private schools, light industrial sites & apartment complexes.
  •     We service & repair all types of HVAC units - large, medium & small package units, gas/pack units, heat-pump package units, split a/c units, regular heating units, as well as a/c only package units.
  •     We service & repair roof top exhaust fan units.
  •     We service & repair water towers and related equipment + offer a monthly tower and recirculating chemical service               
  •     We service & repair HVAC units located at remote mountain top radio tower sites.
  •     We service & repair evaporative coolers ( swamp coolers).

Speciality Work

  • We offer a complete unbiased inspection of the existing equipment for new owners, property management company's or move in tenants.
  • We offer a complete unbiased inspection of the existing equipment for owners where a recent tenant vacancy has occurred.
  • We offer a complete unbiased inspection of residential or apartment equipment for property management company's.
  • We offer a complete unbiased inspection of a recent repair or upgrade performed by another contractor.
  • We offer a complete unit or space inspection in reference to any dangers or code violations.
  • We offer complete roof top inspections as to existing HVAC equipment, exhaust vents, plumbing lines, electrical disconnects & conduit runs, drain lines, roof penetration points, roof drains & other pertinent information as would be needed for a future roofing or construction job.
  • We offer detailed inspections as to existing conditions of older equipment used in a zone or space.
  • We offer a yearly HVAC condensing and evaporative coil cleaning.
  • We can inspect your roof drains and keep them cleaned out + we offer an annual cleaning service.
  • We offer yearly HVAC evaporative pan and drain line cleaning with Co2 blow down.
  • We offer water tower chemical maintenance services.
  • We can inspect your roof top duct system and make sealing repairs as needed.
  • We can service and repair roof top evaporative coolers & offer a maintenance for such.