Our Company's Goal

At Indoor Atmosphere our primary goal has been to extend the life of your existing HVAC equipment by providing quality preventive maintenance, repair & service with the minimum amount of down time to your equipment & at the best price possible. For 42 years, our company has concentrated on providing our commercial and residential customers with an alternative to costly unit replacements. As a specialized HVAC Service, Repair & Maintenance Contractor our full emphasis is on the maintenance of your existing HVAC equipment. Our quality Service Technicians will keep your system clean and opertating at its maximum efficiency and notify you of any repairs needed in order to ensure the longevity of your HVAC system. We only offer replacement quotes when an existing original unit is no longer repairable or the repairs are just not cost effective. We let you make those decisions.

        It is unfortunate just how many units that are still in good condition but just need a minor repair, or sometimes just need their power turned back on, are condemned by "technicians" that are really just salesmen.  It is often easier and more profitable for companies to train people who sell than people who diagnose and repair. 
 Most HVAC contractors focus on new & replacement installations - that's where our company is different.

quality service company (Indoor Atmosphere) will spend up to an hour on a job site checking out a single unit's components & repair options.  We offer a fair diagnostic fee to completely inspect your unit.  As an incentive, with all approved work orders,  Indoor Atmosphere will absorb the diagnostic charge into the final repair.  A quality service technician must be able to give you longevity information on the existing unit, offer you multiple repair quotes and have a rough replacement cost factor handy so you can decide on the appropriate action to take.  Our service goal is to get your unit up and running as fast as possible.   Remember, making repairs on good sound units is a wise investment & it's easier to make that choice when we offer you the repair options up front.

        With the Recession hitting the Bay Area hard for the last few years, every home owner, business owner & property management company is trying to keep his/her major costs down.  We started Indoor Atmosphere in 1975 as a service company whose primary function has always been to offer maintenance, service & repair work first and unit replacements only if absolutely nothing else could be done. Good preventative maintenance will always keep major costs down and help your company stay competitive during this down-turn.  We will always work to meet your company's needs & make energy saving suggestions that we feel will help reduce costs involving your in-house HVAC system.  Offering more than one repair option by giving you different estimates based on a variety of replacement parts & services is just one way we are different from the competition.