HVAC Unit Inspections

Indoor Atmosphere offers unbiased HVAC inspections for many different types of clients -  Existing Property Owners, Property Management Companies, Reality Companies, New Building Owners, Potential Building Owners, New Home Owners, Tenants or Lessees.

        Why so many you ask?  Each of the above client list has different needs and requires HVAC inspections for a variety of reasons. 

        Existing Property Owner HVAC Inspection Needs  General overall inspection to determine the condition of the existing property units,  general overall inspection to investigate existing maintenance program,  inspection of recent repairs or work performed,  inspection of specific tenant or lessee required maintenance program,  inspection of repetitive problem areas, final unit inspection for tenant / lessee move out & any other inspection of the HVAC equipment deemed necessary by said property owner. In addition we offer complete roof top inspections as to existing HVAC equipment, exhaust vents, plumbing lines, electrical disconnects & conduit runs, drain lines, roof penetration points, roof drains & other pertinent information as would be needed for a future roofing or construction job.

        Property Management Company HVAC Inspection Needs - Inspections similar to those needed by the Existing Property Owner listed above + specific inspections related to existing & new tenants / lessees  -  a general inspection of the equipment located at a residential, apartment complex, commercial building or other property managed by said management company, general usage of the HVAC units supplying the tenants space, any abuse or overuse of those existing units, required maintenance of existing units in the tenants charge, recent repairs performed by tenant contractors, conditions requiring special equipment or controls needed to have equipment work properly for existing tenants needs, zone stat conditions and settings being used, prior tenant move-out final unit inspection to include a list of needed repairs, vacated space unit inspection, prior new-tenant inspection of existing units with complete start up and cycle of heat and cooling, & any other needed inspection deemed necessary by the Property Management Company in charge of said building location.

        Reality Company HVAC Inspection Needs - Inspections similar to those needed by the Property Owners and Property Management Company's listed above + special inspections related to the purchase or sale of said property  -  Complete inspections of the HVAC units with details on the age of all existing units, proposed life expectancy of said units, working conditions of the existing units, changes made to existing units, general overall conditions of said units & previous maintenance and service they seem to have received.

        New Building Owner HVAC Inspection Needs - Inspections similar to those needed by the Existing Property Owner and the Reality Companies listed above +  specific inspections related to the existing conditions of the HVAC units found at the location in question.

        Potential Building Owners HVAC Inspection Needs  -   Inspections similar to those needed by the New Building Owners listed above + specific inspections geared to give a timely overall unit conditions report before negotiations continue on for the purchase of said building.

        New Tenant / Lessee HVAC Inspection Needs  -  Here we offer a different type of inspection.  These inspections are specifically designed to aid the new tenant of lessee in determining the existing condition of the HVAC units which will supply their new space should they choose said site for their business. The inspections will determine - age of the existing units, working conditions of said units,  zone problems with any proposed tenant improvements, prior maintenance records and indications & any found unit problems felt to affect the upcoming lease timetable.
        Its unfortunate to learn just how many tenants move into a space in which they take over the responsibility for the existing HVAC units without ever having checked said units by using an independent inspection contractor.  These inspections, as all of our unbiased inspections, are not designed to point blame at anyone - building owners, property management companies, prior tenants or prior service contractors; they are designed to give the initiating party an unbiased inspection specifically designed to uncover operational problems and conditions of the existing HVAC units found on said sites. Who did what & when is not our concern. Giving a complete unbiased unit report to the best of our ability and within the guidelines you have requested is our one and only concern.

        Unit Inspections are one of Indoor Atmospheres most valued services. Call to set up one of our special HVAC Inspections so your company will be in the know as to your sites existing HVAC unit conditions.